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About Me - Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate

Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate

 Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate, the inspiration you need for your event.  Adam finds it important to advocate for individuals of all backgrounds. Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & advocate is an advocate to anyone who needs him. Adam Farris believes that  You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To You Just Have To Believe In Yourself And Reach Your Maximum Potential and shoot for the stars. Adam has a form of Autism and Tourette syndrome, That has not stopped him from over coming the impossible, to become the possible.  Adam works at Walmart and has been there for 4  years, He is also the Founder and President of Younique Abilities  Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker is available for your next speaking engagement

Awards That Adam Farris has received:

September 7th 2019 

Certificate of Congressional Recognition in recognition of being a 2019 safe diversity communities honoree from

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

September 7th 2019  

Appreciation Certificate  from Safe Diversity Communities

President Barack Obama

Presidential Proclamation Autism Awareness Day 2014

Presidential Proclamation Autism Awareness Day 2015

Presidential Proclamation Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism Awareness Month Proclamation from City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner 2016, 2017, 2018,  and 2019

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July 28 2018 Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate was Awarded with a certificate of recognition from Social Good in Action Inc for His continued inspiration and empowerment towards the City of Houston 

Adam's experience

Founder and President - Younique Abilities

Spark  for  Autism  Community  Advisory  Council  Member  9/1/2017-Present 

I’m  Bully Free Inc Board Member - 9/1/2017 - Present 

Summer Camp Counselor - Children's Association for Maximum Potential

Texas Youth Leadership Forum - Advocate, Project Advisory Committee Member


Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate in the News

Community Spotlight: Advocate Adam Farris Imagines the Possibilities.

Adam Farris in a Red collared shirt, Smiling with Glasses on

As a young man, Adam Farris found himself in a tough place. With poor social skills, he could not keep a job or friends, and he was asked to leave several restaurants and businesses. Then he received an autism spectrum diagnosis, which led to him getting help with social and life skills.

With that, Farris transformed his life. Today, he has a job, a business, friends, and a commitment to helping others. 

Celebrating Our Unique Abilities


Celebrating Our Unique Abilities and article into how Adam Farris became the man he is today. this is very illuminating and life changing.

Adam’s Unique Abilities

Adam Farris with a red collared shirt on, Smiling with Glasses on.

Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker & Advocate prefers not to use the terms “disability” or “disabled” to categorize those who are considered to have disabilities. Instead, he likes to use the terms “abilities” or “unique abilities”. He believes that anyone with a so-called “disability” has a unique ability and can do many great things, You just have to believe in yourself and shoot for the stars.

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